Frequently Asked

1How long does a loft conversion
take to build?
A loft conversion would take on average 6 weeks to build, up to decorating stage.
2How much does a loft conversion
cost to build?
The cost of a loft can vary greatly depending upon the size of the property, but the average cost would be between £30,000 to £40,000.
3Do I need planning permission to build a loft conversion?
No, so long as you are not in a conservation area or you live in a flat, you are allowed to build under "Permitted Development” between 40 to 50Mtr3 of loft conversion.
4If a loft conversion did require planning, is that something that DGD would undertake?
Yes, we would follow it through the planning process.
5How long does the planning process for a loft conversion take?
When a job is going through planning it usually takes around 2 months.
6What is an LDC, plus is it something that DGD deal with?
An LDC (Lawful Development Certificate) is a certificate of lawfulness that is obtained from the council to say that any proposed building works that are to be undertaken are built within the permitted guidelines, with regards to appearance and size.
7Does a loft conversion increase the value of a property?
A loft conversion definitely increases the value of a property, most lofts consist of one to two bedrooms with an extra bathroom. The outlay for this is relatively small, compared with the huge costs of moving house, stamp duty, solicitors fee’s, etc, along with the increased cost of a larger property.
1Will I need to move out of the property whilst the work on the loft conversion is carried out?
No, all work is carried out externally and all materials pass through the front of the roof, nothing through the house. The only time we would need to enter the house is when we cut through the ceiling in order to fit the new stairs, usually around week 4, but at this stage most of the loft has been completed and all of the rubbish taken away.
2Does DGD offer any guarantees on their loft conversions?
We offer a 10 year guarantee against all work we have undertaken.
3Does any of the loft conversion or other work undertaken by DGD get inspected?
All our jobs are inspected by the local authority or a private inspectorate body to ensure we are complying with the current building regulation standards set out by the government.
4What paperwork can I expect to receive once the loft conversion has been completed?
Once all work is completed you would receive a completion certificate from building control (either the local authority or a private body), an electrical certificate and a gas safe certificate from the plumber if a new heating system has been installed.
5What do I do if I have a query concerning the loft conversion?
You can contact us either by phone; if we are busy you can leave a message, by e-mail or by the "contact us” section on the DGD web page.
6Do I need permission from my neighbours in order to carry out a loft conversion?
Yes, but only if you have adjoining neighbours. You would need what’s called a "Party Wall Agreement”. You are required by law to give your neighbour two months notice of any work being undertaken by the shared (party wall), if the neighbour requires the wall to be surveyed it would be to the cost of the person requiring the loft conversion. No one can stop a loft from being built but the process can take up to two months. We provide all of the relevant paperwork on this matter and most of the people served these documents are happy with the work to precede as we guarantee to repair any damage, if it were to occur from the loft conversion process.
7How do I pay for a loft conversion and when are payments required?
You can pay for a loft either by cheque or by bank transfer. Initially when you decide to go ahead with the loft conversion you would pay a 5% deposit, then the remaining payments are spread out over a six or seven week period, depending upon the duration and sizes of the job. Then a balance retained by the client till all relevant completion paperwork is received.

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